Path of Maps

Path of Maps

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Thread on official forum: Path of Maps (beta) - Track your map runs

Official Page: Path of Maps

Path of Maps - description

Path of Maps it's an app and webpage that allows you to track your maps runs. You can build a collection of all the maps you are running. All you have to do is write a few commands in the in-game chat or even use few keyboard shortcut. In future releases you can expect personal and community-level stats on map runs

How it works

On a typical PoE session, here's what you'd do:

  • run desktop app (that's looking for special commands in your PoE logs). It's open source of course so check it out if you're suspicious.
  • hover over your map in your inventory and press 'Ctrl+C'
  • input the start command in game chat: '> start'
  • the desktop app will send commands, along with the map data to the Path of Maps server, and new map like this one will appear in your profile!
  • during you run, you can edit the current map, and add drops using chat command '> drop', add notes using '> note any note here' and much more (you can read about on official Path of Map help page
  • type chat command '> end' to finish map run
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How to get it

  • sing Up on web page
  • download app from Github and install it
  • get your Auth Token from web page settings
  • configure app using your Auth Token, Your char name and path to the Path of Exile log file
  • start mapping and track your runs

Path of Maps

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